COMMUNITY MEDICINE is a monthly, low-cost offering that takes place virtually.  

It is an alchemical practice, of transmuting energy within the body and releasing it. 

It is named as such because it can support healing of a wide variety of issues, emotionally and energetically, and it is priced to be accessible. 

Many people report that it has extraordinary effects on their lives. 

The modality we utilize is a very simple 3-part breath. 

It requires no prior experience, and only an open heart and mind. 

This alchemical practice is a robust initiation into self-healing and transcendent experience.

It is simple, profound, effective, and rapid.

It can help the clearing of "denser" emotions like anxiety, depression, stress, and traumatic loops.

You could describe the experience equally as “going to space” and “feeling god”.

Afterward, you can expect heightened feelings of connectedness, creativity, trust, appreciation...
and most importantly...

It is really a practice about self-love, and being willing to call all parts of ourselves back into integration -- with sweetness, grace, and bravery.

I believe true medicine comes from within. 

A lot of what is being sold to us these days is the idea that someone else can save you, or knows the right path.  The body is very wise, and one of our greatest teachers.

The amazing thing about Breathwork is that it is about you, going on a journey with you. I facilitate and hold the space for healing to occur, but it is you that is doing the healing, in alignment with your Higher Self.  

It also brings profound insight and resolution, of whatever kind is necessary at each session. 
What is it?  

Breathwork is targeted to help shift and clear what is held in the body on a cellular memory level, both ancestral and present, as well as collective. 

It is powerful, simple, and self-guided.    

It addresses the Womb/Sacral area [where we hold our worthiness, trauma, and other important stories] and the Heart -- while activating healing energy throughout your body. 

During our workshop together we will start with check-ins, set intentions, I'll speak for a little bit, and then we'll go into our practice. 

Afterward, I will make sure everyone gets grounded, we'll share a bit, and close. 

It's an intimate personal experience that happens in community. 

It's some of the best medicine there is. 
What can I expect?   
Breathwork is extremely profound, and it moves quickly, getting to work on what you personally need support with. 

Addressing the somatic part of our healing can be the very key that we've been missing to start really releasing trauma, depression, anxiety, other people's energy,
things we've been holding onto for years.    

I can personally attest to this, and have witnessed it in lots of people.

It's like a detox for your energy and a restorative yoga for your soul.     


Please plan to be in a quiet space, free of distractions, for the whole period we are meeting. 

You will be lying down at home with your computer nearby while we practice. 

We'll be meeting on Zoom so I can see you. You can mute yourself during the breath work portion.     

You will need good WiFi.

You may wish to have an eye pillow, any crystals you'd like to hold, comfortable
clothes on, a blanket if you wish, water, and a journal + pen. 

After you register, an email will be sent out with further details. 
"Thank you so much for holding that space tonight. Wasn't sure how the remote session would be, but that breath work is going to take a few days to process, 
so I think I moved some serious shit. 
Again, thank you so much!"
"BREATHWORK... It's absolutely incredible.
Completely life changing."
"I felt super compelled to do breathwork and it was amazing. Feeling a lot of release of old unworthiness related to trauma since then, actually.  
And the person who caused a lot of it decided to reach out to me yesterday for the first time in years, which goes to show that my intuition was correct about what I have been clearing! Feeling lots better!"
I want to start off this email with a THANK YOU. I FINALLY got around to doing this breath work, and I needed to release a lot -- so this was honestly perfect timing to do this work. Thank you, THANK YOU Robin.

I saw my grandmother, my childhood at her home. I could smell her and feel her presence greatly, which was
really beautiful (and emotional) for me! I definitely bawled when River by Leon Bridges
played, as that is when I felt her the most.

Thank you for being so wonderful and being the first person in guiding
me to my loved ones that have moved on, my ancestors, my light."
Robin is a seasoned Intuitive Healer, teacher of the Divine Feminine, Conscious Wealth and Business Mentor, and published author.   

Her work focuses on supporting women in cultivating a profound sense of inner worthiness, personal power, and cellular level transformation.  

A heavy interest in the alchemical transformation of trauma -- ancestral, personal, and collective -- has provided her with immense training in holding space for rapid healing.   

She is a carrier of many lineages of ancient wisdom, and a devoted student of the Mysteries. Her work integrates both shadow and light, depth and ascension. She's a trained yoga teacher, breathwork healer, meditation instructor, reiki practitioner, and utilizes many other modalities blended in her work to approach mind, body, and soul comprehensively.

She has an M.A. in Global Communications and is well-versed in bridging worlds to create and facilitate transformation on a global scale.






DISCLAIMER: This is not a substitution or replacement for therapy of any kind, including trauma therapy. We encourage and recommend you to seek out professional therapeutic support as well.  
If you have any questions, or prefer to pay via PayPal, please e-mail us at 
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